Photo Management

There are 2 ways to manage photos on the Lincoln Home Photo Archive. The first, which we will cover here, is through the WordPress Admin interface (available to administrators only). The second, covered in the Volunteer User documentation, is limited and available through the front-end of the site. 

Accessing Photos Screen in the WordPress Admin interface 

In the WordPress Admin interface, navigate to Photos-> All Photos via the left hand menu. Or click here: All Photos screen  

Photo List Screen (accessed by clicking on Photos on the left menu)

Searching Photos in the WordPress Admin interface 

Search by title or ID: To search for a photo by title or id, type in the title or ID number in the search box at the top of the All Photos screen page 

Editing Photos 

Quick Edit

From the Photo list page, WordPress allows for “quick editing” of limited information. This means you can edit a photo directly from the All Photos screen and don’t have to open the Photo itself. When done making Quick Edits, don’t forget to scroll down and click “Update”!

Quick edit link (title change, metadata change)


You can “trash” a Photo and it will be in the Trash folder for 30 days before it, and all of its data, are removed. 


This will take you to the “front end” view of the Photo. Note: if you are logged in as an Administrator or Volunteer, you will see the Edit form on this page. If you are logged out, you will see the public, non-editable version.

Full Edit

From the All Photos screen, click on the Photo title or Edit link (hover and it shows under the Photo) to edit all information on a Photo 

Edit link showing below title (click on title or “Edit” to edit)

Once you click on “Edit”, you’ll go to the WP Admin Single Photo page for the Photo selected.

single photo page

Editing from Single Photo page

Title: Click on title to update text

Featured Image: Click on Image to update (swap out for another, add alt text)

Move to Trash: Photo will be saved in Trash folder for 30 days

Update: Click to save any changes!

Publish date: Editing this date will change the default order of a Photo on the front end of the Website (Search page). More recently-published Photos show first (after “Featured” Photos)

Slug: This is the url of the photo 

Photo meta: Keywords, Collections, Topics, Locations: click or unclick the desired meta. Click “Add New” to add new meta from here.

Photo meta – Events, Photographers, People, Inside/Outside: start typing the desired value.  A dropdown menu will show with values already in the system. You can add a value if it doesn’t exist.