The Lincoln Home National Historic Site Photo Archive

Lincoln Home National Historic Site preserves the home of Abraham Lincoln and his family in Springfield, Illinois. The Lincolns lived here from 1844-1861 before moving to Washington, DC for Lincoln’s presidency. The Home was opened to the public in 1887 by the State of Illinois. Since 1971, the Lincoln Home continues to be preserved and interpreted under the direction of the National Park Service. The images in this photo archives database are a part of the park’s official photo archives.

Images of the Lincoln Family, and the Lincoln Home the neighborhood prior to 1971 are not included on this site.

The history of the Lincoln Home has been documented through thousands of images, available for use on this site. Because these were created by the federal government, the images are free to use and there is no copyright.

How to Cite the Images

“Image courtesy of Lincoln Home National Historic Site” or “Image courtesy of the National Park Service.”