Logged in users (volunteers or admins) can leave comments on Photos from a front-end Photo edit page (seen when logged in and looking at a photo – e.g.,

Comment form as it shows on Photo edit pages

How to See New Comments

In the WordPress Admin backend (must be logged in), you will see a Comments item in the left menu. Click this menu item (or this link) to access all Comments.

From the Comment table, you’ll be able to view/email the Commenter, View the Photo, Edit the Photo and see when the Comment was submitted.

Comments table in the WordPress admin backend

View Comments with Photo (on back-end or front-end)

From the Comments table in WP admin, you can click on the link under “In Response To” to go to the back-end OR front-end version of the Photo, with the comment. You can also go directly to the Comment on the front-end Photo page by clicking the date under “Submitted On”.

Accessing Comment and Photo edit pages

Email Commenter

From the Comments table, you can email a Commenter directly. You can copy-and-paste the text of the email address below “Author” name, or you can click the email address.

Email link for Commenter