Add Photo

This section helps describe how to add a photo and what type of information should be in each section.

Upload Photo

To upload a photo, click “Browse” and select the photo from your computer.

Upload Photo interface

Photo Title

The title should be short and descriptive.


Describe the Photo in a few sentences, using words that people might search on.


First, select the Building or Property where the Photo was taken, or that is the subject of the Photo. If the Location has a Room or Vantage Point, a drop down will appear after you select the building or property – select the Room or Vantage Point if relevant. Finally, select whether the Photo was taken Inside or Outside.

Date Type


If you know the actual date or an approximate, select this.

Date Range

If there’s a time range, select this.

Event Name

This associates one or multiple events with this image. If you know the event name, start typing and select it when it appears. To browse all events, click in the box and select from the drop down that appears.

Note: Events do not show for the public

Start typing to filter events
Click to see list of all Events


Similar to Events, you can select multiple Topics.


Guidance here


Collections are periodically added by park staff. If you have a suggestion for a collection, contact us and let us know!


If you know who the Photographer was, please enter it here. If you don’t see their name, please contact us and let us know.


If you know the subjects in the Photo, please find them in this list. Like Events, Topics, and Keywords, you can add as many People as you wish. Start typing a name to filter the list, or click on the text box to see a full list of People.

If you don’t see the People you want to add in the list, please contact us.


Check this box if this is a particularly interesting or well-taken photo that should rank high in the search results (think about it from the public’s perspective).

Save or Start Over!

Click “Add Photo” when you’re done entering. A link will show once you’ve saved. Click this link to continue to edit this Photo.

To clear the form and start over, click “Clear Form”.

Clear Form and Add Photo buttons